What services can Austrata Solutions offer?

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Austrata Solutions' gardening service is a quality based solution that has trained employees attend and service a vast range of gardens and lawns throughout the greater Sydney area.

In collaboration with the Strata Committee and Strata manager, Austrata Solutions implements a tailored service that all owners can be proud of. Whether it is a quarterly trim or daily maintenance, Austrata Solutions has got you covered.

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Austrata Solutions offers a quality cleaning service that is adapted to each individual building based on the needs and desires of the strata committee.

The team systematically works with the Strata Committee to implement a service that caters to the owners corporation desires. We do not subcontract any part of our primary operations which allows management to ensure quality work at each of our sites.

Checklists are also individually designed based on the Scope of work, filled out and kept on file to ensure maximum accountability. If you are looking for a high quality, reputable cleaning solution, look no further.

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Building Management

Austrata Solutions provides a quality Building Management solution utilizing the experience we have on staff to provide an efficient Building Management service. Our experienced building management team provide a quality solution that is adapted to each and every one of the properties they are responsible for. With accurate record keeping, quality assurance measures in place and an eye for detail, our Building Managers are able to ensure a smooth operation of any property.

Austrata Solutions also believes that an essential part of any property is communication between the Strata Committee and the Strata Manager. We work closely with both to ensure that we are able to deliver exactly what the Strata Committee requires. Furthermore, liaising with the Strata Manager in a sucsinct and effective way ensures that the best quality service, whether it be with trades, services, external providers or council is done to ensure the best outcome for the property.

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General Maintenance

In order to maintain value of property and fulfil leasing obligations, general maintenance is essential. Austrata Solutions can be engaged on an ongoing contract basis or as needs are identified.